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My name is Katie Loewy. I am a student of jewellery and silversmithing at Birmingham City University's School of Jewellery. I'm also a keen writer and illustrator. This is a collection of my work and the work of others I find utterly inspiring.

I have an obsession with antiquated notions of death and mortality. Memento Mori jewellery is a particular field of interest. I love this one. It’s beautiful.



Cork Bird House

A nesting house designed specially for small song birds, the Cork bird house is easily assembled from two die-cut components, shaped into cones and linked together to form a natural dipped nest. The flat packaging allows for easy posting and display. (Cork/rubber composite)

This is wonderful 

I love this

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An early version of the US Angelmaker paperback - in the end, they went with a different design. This one’s interesting, all the same (and I actually hadn’t seen it until a couple of days ago).

I like the red iron industrial wash and the pug; not sure about the male figure. I find him a bit confusing - does he have his head through a ceiling? Or has he been exploded from the brain out? I actually know the answer, but it took me a long time to work it out. So I may be slightly responsible for that element of the design having been dropped. Because I said “huh?” repeatedly and I think that may have alarmed the design team.

(Thanks to Knopf for letting me show you all this.)

This is really cool, not that I don’t love the UK cover because I spent a long time fawning over it, but this is cool. Concentric circles make things cool.

A button hole piece I made for a one day project at uni. It’s made from objects salvaged from the studios at the end of last year.


Find out the meaning of Life! The universe! Everything! With V & Co. but only if you possess the spiritual propensity. Give it a try!

Are you worthy?

Purveyors of sundry & ephemera since 1865

I’m back with my third year work! Working once again under the umbrella of V & Co. We each to make and personalise a small container, this is mine. Like all of those Victorian miracle cures it talks big but there’s a catch- you can’t take off the lid.

It looks like no one is worthy.

Keep an eye on the V & Co blog for more things relating to my current field of study! It’s getting interesting!


Sculptures Made from Recycled Papers by Jennifer Collier


Last week I shot a roll of film that I’d got free with a second hand camera. When I got back the scans I found out that the roll had already been used by the guy who gave me it and so I had double exposed it. By chance, both of us had taken a photo of a motorway landscape and this was made. His photo is from the inside of the car looking at countryside and my shot of an urban motorway is best seen on the left hand side. 

The beauty of coincidences

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Stefano Marchetti


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Silver on porcelain. Ivan Jelinek at Collect, London.

I saw these! They’re beautiful and they make you feel so small.


Steffen Dam